Spilled your drink on your MacBook? 7 Steps you should Take NOW!

Spilled your drink on your MacBook? 7 Steps you should Take NOW!
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MacBook Liquid Damage Repair

Have you spilled your favorite drink on your laptop? Maybe your pet has knocked over your wine? There may still be time to save your laptop!

Unfortunately, apple guarantee won’t cover liquid damage. many people take their MacBooks to the local Apple store and wait in line only to find out that it would cost them upwards of $1000 to fix a liquid-damaged MacBook! for most people that is not the most convenient option. The good news is: This may not be the end for your Laptop. Read on as we discuss liquid damage further and find out what you should do next.

The type of liquid spilled does make a difference!

Depending on the acidity of the liquid, the severity of the damage to the circuit boards and components inside your MacBook may be different.

Generally, drinks like wine or soda are more acidic and can do more damage to your laptop’s electronic components due to the acidity.

What happens inside your MacBook when you spill liquid on it?

The dissolved minerals inside water make it an electric conductor. Water can reach between two contact points of an IC (microchip) and cause a chip. This connection means that electricity can go to points where no voltage should be present, therefore damaging or destroying the components on the motherboard.

Even if the water (or any liquid in general) doesn’t cause a short circuit, it will most likely cause corrosion of the electric components present on the motherboard. While corrosion is a different kind of damage caused by liquids, it is still very serious damage that will lead to the death of your Laptop or MacBook.

Your device may appear to be functioning normally after a liquid spill, But there may still be some liquid present inside. this is very dangerous since it may cause corrosion or short circuit in the future.

Even if your device is functioning normally, take your MacBook or Laptop to Digicomp for a checkup to make sure there will be no delayed damage in the future. contact us now.

What To Do When You Spill Water On Your Macbook

1- Unplug your Laptop

If your MacBook is plugged in, unplug it immediately!

2- Turn off the computer immediately

Turn off your Laptop ASAP! if necessary, you can press and hold the power button for several seconds until you hear the fans stop spinning and all the lights on your laptop turn off.

3- Do not turn the computer on

It is important not to turn your Laptop on again after you’ve turned it off. If you have anything to do, please wait until it is safe to do so.

4- Do not plug your laptop in again

Do not plug your laptop in before taking it to a service location.

5- if possible, Remove the battery

If your Laptop has a removable battery, Remove the battery as soon as possible. If you have access to the appropriate screwdriver to open up your laptop, unscrew the panel, disconnect the battery connector and take the battery out.

6- Turn it upside down and let it drain

Turning your MacBook upside-down helps drain the liquid trapped inside your Laptop.

7- Bring Your Laptop to Digicomp for a fix

Take your laptop to Digicomp to get it checked out. You can call us at (323) 460-7077 or visit our store.

You can also schedule a service outside business hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a laptop survive a soda spill?

Soda is an acidic beverage, and it may cause extensive damage to the electrical components inside your laptop.

Does putting laptop in rice work?

If you don’t have a dehumidifier (a bag of dessicant) handy, You can temporarily put your laptop in a large bag of uncooked rice until you can take it to Digicomp for service