What Does Refurbished mean? refurbished vs new vs used

What does refurbished mean?
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Flagship Electronic devices aren’t exactly cheap these days. You may wonder, What does the term “refurbished” mean? Does “refurbished” mean “used”? What is the difference between a used and a refurbished product? Keep reading, we are going to explain what “refurbished” means and how a refurbished product is in comparison with a used product.

So, What does “refurbished” exactly mean?

Refurbished products, also known as reconditioned or renewed items, are (mostly electronic) devices that have been previously returned to a vendor or manufacturer shortly due to a wide variety of reasons such as minor or major repairable defects, and after the returned products are completely repaired, cleaned, and tested, they get sold at a lower price and under a “refurb” tag. They also come with a new brand box and warranty which depends on the vendor, manufacturer, or retailer.

All devices at Digicomp have a 90-day money-back guarantee!

To some people, the term “refurbished products” may have negative connotative meanings such as defective, old, used, or repaired electronic devices so they avoid buying refurbished items. However, this myth is not true in most cases. Some refurbished products are returned because the buyer has changed their mind or they were looking for something else. A refurbished product gets repaired to look and perform like a brand-new product.

Many people prefer buying refurbished products as it is an economical and environmental-friendly way of purchasing their ideal flagship product.
Many people prefer buying refurbished products as it is an economical and environmental-friendly way of purchasing your ideal flagship product.

What are the benefits of buying a refurbished product?

Many people prefer buying refurbished products as it is an economical and environment-friendly way of purchasing your ideal flagship product. For example, if you buy a refurbished iPhone from Apple, you will have a product with the same quality and warranty as the brand new one. iPhone products usually undergo a rigorous testing process before they are represented on store shelves.

At Digicomp, we only source mint-condition devices. This means every one of our devices looks and performs just like a brand-new device.

The Differences between refurbished and used products

New products come straight from the manufacturer. They come with new components, boxes, and an extended warranty. They are much more expensive than refurbished and used products. A growing number of people tend to buy refurbished products for financial or environmental reasons. Therefore, the most significant difference between a refurbished and a new phone is the price. It is worth buying a refurbished product since a refurbished product has been tested, cleaned, and repaired and has a lower price, therefore, it can function as well as a new one.

A used or secondhand product comes straight from a consumer. Therefore, it may have major defects, such as scratches and battery degradation, and a short life span. Instead of buying a used product, we recommend you to buy a refurbished product from a reputable reliable store. But, if you are looking to buy the latest and greatest flagship product, sealed and up to date, the best possible choice is to purchase a new product.


It is not sometimes possible to buy electronic devices that catch your eye due to financial reasons. But, there is still hope to buy what you dream about at a lower price; you can buy a refurbished one of high quality from a reliable store instead. Buying refurbished not only helps you save a lot of money but also is a useful way to protect the environment.

to buy any product, you must first make sure of the store or retailer’s reliability, check out the return policy, and then inspect the refurbished product. After buying your ideal device, check out the product to see if it performs well and does not drain charge even if your device is new. Need more information on “refurbished vs new vs used products”, feel free to contact us.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does refurbished mean?

A Refurbished or renewed product is a device that has been repaired, cleaned, and tested with a warranty. It performs and looks just like a new product; however, the term “refurbished” may have different meanings according to the vendor.

Does refurbished mean used?

No, used products are not tested and come with no warranty. They are not as reliable as refurbished products though they are cheaper.

What is the difference between a refurbished and a new device?

A refurbished and a new device might be completely different in terms of appearance. In general, the main difference between a refurbished and a new device is the price. typically, a new device is much more expensive than a device with a refurb tag.