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Simply could not have had a better experience, anywhere. I'm fairly certain of this.

Thomas Perkins
Sharon Y.

I appreciate this place and the owner 100%. A+++++ for service and honesty and overall great experience. He sees your customer satisfaction through better than a larger corporation type business. I got a higher end IMac and I am so happy I found Digicomp! The Apple Store is closed and computers take approx 1-2 weeks to get to you so I had to find Digicomp so I didn’t miss any work days. I would recommend Digicomp to everyone…

Seth S.


Friendly service and good prices. These guys are always super helpful and will spend the time with you that you need them to, and they get the job done.

Debbi A.

As I am retired and have no further use with the latest gear, I found Digicomp online way back in 2013 and purchased a quality used Mac Book Pro 17″ for $1100. I could have found cheaper with less bells n whistles, but I found his style of doing business compelling and no-nonsense.

I just returned from buying another! That is all you need to know about this seller. When a brick and mortar out-performs any and all else online even after 8 years what more do you need to know?

And OMG! He remembered our names!!

Hands down the best customer service in LA !

Edison L.

I have been a customer of David's for nearly 20 years and have purchased countless computers from him for my businesses. He is always friendly, courteous and warm. Truly a good guy.

Robert G.

Thanks so much for the 6 core Mac Pro!!! Such an awesome deal on that, fixing my iPhone and all the accessories and felt like I had to leave a review!!!!

Abe D.

The owner/tech exudes trustworthiness that's rare in this trade. I've had successful experiences well over 7 years.

Derrick E.​

David and Daniel are super helpful and friendly. They helped me find the best option in my budget and kept a very fun conversation going. You can likely find some slightly better prices on Craigslist but they spend time and resources fixing their Mac's to give their customers the best experience. Also they provide warranties which you can't get buying off an owner. Overall great experience.

Joe L.

MY FAVORITE COMPUTER REPAIR SHOP! I love Digicomp! After spilling water into my MacBook, I brought it in and met Nancy, who examined the problem immediately. I had fried the main board, but Nancy was able to salvage all of my data from the hard drive. She made my drive into an external drive and gave me THE BEST price on a used MacBook similar to mine. Now I have a better MacBook than the one I brought in and ALL of my data from my original computer! THANK YOU, NANCY! She even honored a Groupon I bought and gave me 25% off labor and accessories! If you have a Mac that needs repair, there is nowhere better than Digicomp! Nancy: YOU ROCK!!

Mark H.

If you are looking for a capable, efficient, honest and affordable place for your Apple and MacBook needs, Digicomp is the only place you need to go, period. Thank you !!

Leah W.

I was very satisfied going to Digicomp for a very competitive deal on a MacBook Pro. David is honest and helpful and will do anything to help you with your new computer. I asked several questions about my new purchase and he was very patient with me. I didn’t expect such a professional experience here but I am glad I met David as he is my new computer go-to guy. This place beats the Apple store in terms of actual one-on-one service and that to me, is priceless. Highly recommend this place! 👍

Ash M.

Very satisfied, great place to get a used or refurb Mac in good condition on a budget.

Zach N.

Digicomp is outstanding! I've come to him for minor services in the past and recently bought a used Macbook Pro at a great price. They'll work with you to hit the specs you're after, and can even offer upgrades to existing machines. They were extremely kind and upfront.

Mike F.

I wish I could give 10 stars to this business. I never met anybody as professional and knowledgeable about computers as the staff at Digicomp. I purchased a refurbished MacBook Pro and I am so happy with it. It came fully loaded with every program I could possibly need. David and his staff are not only knowledgeable they are also really nice and friendly, which is something a lot of businesses lack these days. To me, customer Service is just as important as price and they have the best customer service I have had in years. If you are looking for anything Mac this is the place to go tell David I sent you.

Sueanne S.

I was looking on Yelp for a used MacBook store around LA and found about this store. My MacBook Pro stop working and I had to get a another one that can get me going for my work. The person in the store was very helpful and show me few options for my budget and I got a really nice MacBook Air, looks and works like new. He also help to transfer all my files and stuff from my old MacBook to the new one. I really recommend about this place and their service.

Lior M.

I went to David on several repairs on my very old PC, and was always very satisfied with speed of service and price. I finally gave in and bought my new(ish) iMac this past Friday...very happy with my new system and the support and software additions that we were able to work into a GREAT price! I've already recommended Digicomp to friends.

Rick M.

DIGICOMP IS THE BEST MAC STORE IN LA. Do not believe the negative reviews about Digicomp. Customers come in all shapes and sizes, and unfortunately it is often the most difficult and hard to please customers who rush to post negative reviews on Yelp. I have been a mac user since before there was the internet, and have been a customer of Digicomp for more than a decade. I have always relied on David at Digicomp for his honesty and professional integrity, not to mention his thorough knowledge of all things mac (I am confident he knows his PC stuff too, but I am not now and never will be a PC user). David has helped me through countless software and hardware problems, and has sold me tens of thousands of dollars worth of equipment for my home and work. I have never been anything but completely satisfied with his service, and have recommended him to multiple friends and business acquaintances, all of whom have thanked me for the introduction. When the "geniuses" at apple couldn't give a hoot about your failed hard drive, your need for more RAM, or your desire to upgrade your computer, you can always rely on Digicomp for fast and excellent service.

Jonathan G.

They installed memory on my mac, did a great job and did it right -- and it was half the price of the MacStore. I trust them and the service was top notch. I would and will go back again if I need service for my Mac. Gold star for the whole team.

Peter H.

This guy is friendly and easy to work with. He fixed my computer in less than 24 hours.

Michael D.

5 stars. Keeps their promises/arrangements and they clearly take pride in what they do.
I was given a quote over the phone and told the approx. time it would take to finish. I dropped off my laptop, it was not only repaired sooner than the arranged time but the owner also went the extra mile, allowing me to pick up the laptop after closing. Picked up my laptop looking BRAND NEW! They cleaned the keyboard, casing and fans at no additional charge. Laptop is working and looking like it's brand new out of the box! Couldn't be more satisfied.

Jon C.

I did the free consultation with David on a pc laptop that needed a new keyboard. I took it to him, he gave me a estimated completion date and ended up getting my laptop a day early. The repair price was more than reasonable and I'm very happy!

Andrea R.

So...."BEST BUY"....not always the "BEST BUY" computer crashed/ died/ hardrive basically gone. I took it to Best buy but it would have taken days for them to get to it and I'm sure it would have been double the price. David (the owner of Digicomp) was VERY nice, super inexpensive, and thorough.....he even added word, excel, and a bunch of other things. I brought him a DEAD computer and hours is better than before It had crashed. You can tell the guy (and his assistants) really know what they are doing. The have waranties on used macs they sell....(cheaply). So long as I'm near his store.....I'll be his customer.

Marty W.

This place is amazing, my Mac runs like a brand new one after they fix it. I bought it in 2011, and now I it works perfectly. They are very professional, knowledgeable and friendly!

Yuriria M.

Fabulous prices, products and service! Highly recommended! Nancy and David are great. They help out with technical support all the time. They are helping my mom learn how to use her Mac laptop she got from them. They are much easier to get to than the genius bar and I prefer the vibe.

A T.